is a Persian-born Artist, Music Producer and DJ who is based in Berlin, Germany. Since 2004 she has produced music under her birth name of Maral Salmassi, but with her transition from Techno and Electro to what she calls “Bolly-Tech” (a combination of Trap, Hip-Hop, Baile Funk, and Ghetto-Tech influenced by traditional Bollywood and Maghrebian music) comes a new identity: KALI.

Traditionally, Kali is the Hindu Goddess associated with empowerment, transformation, and motherhood – three things that describe KALI’s music as well. As a Persian artist who lived through the violent political transition of her home country, she draws from her personal background to form an identity as a strong, independent Middle-Eastern woman who’s not afraid to voice her opinion. She aims to inspire and empower women around the world through her unique blend of various music styles presented with feminine sensitivity and passion, and topped off with her signature dose of masculine intensity.

Her music career began in 1997 when she founded the Cologne-based Techno label Konsequent, on which she released albums by artists such as Jay Denham, Cari Lekebush, The Advent and Claude Young, among others. After many other successes, including projects on her Art Of Perception label with Jimmy Tenor, Mike Ink, and Andrew Weatherall to name a few, 2006 brought the beginning of Television Rocks, a label she co-founded with Fabian Stall not only as a platform for both artists’ solo projects but also numerous releases by their friends Fukkk Offf, The Sneekers, The Sexinvaders and Tenderlions, among others. A few years later (2010) Maral’s single Let’s Rock the Party, a collaboration with Hamburg-based artists Fukkk Offf, became a massive club hit and jumped to number 2 on the Beatport charts. In 2011 she teamed up with “Die Boys” of the famous German Hip-Hop group Deichkind and under the name Die Boys & Ein Girl toured for a year on their unique blend of Old School and New School Hip-Hop DJ sets. Later that year, she also formed the DJ team Return of the Amazons with Melissa Logan of Chicks on Speed.

Since then, Maral has been working hard to reinvent both her musical identity and direction. The transition from Techno to Bolly-Tech is only the beginning and so far, the result is the badass, hard-hitting, yet sincere and playful KALI.

Lazy Flow


Former drummer and percussionist Florent Cortesi alias Lazy Flow originally from Paris, builds bridges between world, house, hip-hop and live music.

Since 2009 his blend of world and house music has been released on labels like Mental Groove, Television Rocks, Fogbank, Southern Fried, Bad Life, Moveltraxx, San City High, Clekclekboom and Youngunz. He collaborated with Malente & Sovnger, made remixes for Todd Terry & J Paul Getto, Sebastien Tellier, Funkystepz, The Very Best, Human Life, Acid Washed or Onyenze. 2012 he hosted a radio show on Nasty FM (UK) with guest mixes from Rogerseventytwo, Tagteam Terror, Joao Brasil, Lars Moston, Maral Salmassi and more.

As a DJ he has played all over France and beyond: Paris (Social Club, Nouveau Casino, Showcase, La Machine du Moulin Rouge, La Villette Enchantée, Batofar, Point Ephémère, Concorde Atlantique, Favela Chic,..), 4 Sans (Bordeaux), La Plateforme (Lyon), Le Rafiot (Strasbourg), Le Chat Noir (Dijon), Nancy, Grenoble, Lille, Nantes, Avoriaz, Isola 2000,… Razzmatazz (Spain), Belgium (Fuse, Mirano), United Kingdom (The Den, 53 Degrees, The Legion, Orange Rooms), Germany (Nektar Beach, Tempelhof), Fri-Son (Switzerland), Czech Republic, Luxembourg,..

His talent led him to work with brands like Diesel (Bread & Butter), Burn (French Tour), Puma (UK), Grolsch (Block Party), Orange (Radio Nova), WeSC (Citadium), Wad Magazine (Wad Klub), John Ribbe (fashion week),…

On his past gigs he played alongside Armand Van Helden, Keith Murray, Major Lazer, Die Antwoord, Boys Noize, Nero, Oneman, Kissy Sell Out, Zombie Disco Squad, Housemeister, Congorock, Renaissance Man, Daniel Haaksman, L-Vis 1990, Stefano Ritteri, Joakim, Para One, Surkin, Martelo, D.S.L., Sinden, Homework, Douster, Myd, French Fries, Teki Latex, DJ Orgasmic, Radioclit, The Phantom’s Revenge,…

In early 2014 he is about to release his first LP “MOYO MOYO” on the Austrian label Big ’N’ Hairy specialized on world club sounds. He composed, recorded and mixed 10 tracks showcasting his own vision of world music, the marriage of electronic and acoustic sounds. This project is going from Cumbia to Afrobeat via Pop and Baile Funk with influences ranging from Bmore Club to Tropical, Hip-Hop, World, Rock and a bit of Bass Music. MOYO MOYO is the result of all the wonderful encounters with artists and singers all over the world during the past three years like Anbuley, Isa GT, Gazelle, Saadi, Tigarah, Mo Laudi, Matthew Wasley, Macky Ruff, JourneytotheEnd and Jean-Jacques Berthieu.

Lazy Flow’s debut album MOYO MOYO is the first step of an on going series of collaborations and live performances. His stage performances together with his new band are a sure bet for a good club night! Watch out and don‘t miss a chance to see Lazy Flow live in a city near by!

Zero Cash


aka Fabian Stall was only sweet 14 when he decided to dedicate his life to electronic music.

First productions were made at his fathers computer using oldschool tracker programs, before he equipped his studio with his first synths and drum computers.

The first release (“Low Service EP”) with the artist name Zero Cash came out in 2004 on the legendary label Monotone and could be described as a hard-to-define mixture of beat structures originating from Hip Hop and tons of electronic noise. (“The ‘Low Service EP’ is a merciless experience of futuristic sound for the post apocalypse.”, Tristan Bechet from Services).

In 2004 and still not tired, Zero Cash and Khan (Capatain Comatose) started producing Khans’ album “Who Never Rests” which was finally released in 2007 on Tomlab.

After all the acid, noise and trip-hop experiences he decided to come back to dance music by involving all the influences from before. One way was to team up with Maral Salmassi to start a club-project called “Golden Days” with a series of singles and remixes for the well known Label Television. On the other hand he founded the Indie-Disco project called “A**ro Cologne” together with Thomas Mahmoud (former singer of Von Spar) and Stefan Schmidt. For their first maxi release “Discolights / Excuse Me”, they spontaneously founded the label Hoochy Coochy Records.

In late 2006 Zero Cash and Maral Salmassi founded a new label called Television Rocks together as common platform for their solo projects. In February 2007, Zero Cash launched this new label with his release “Satan Satellites” which entered the charts of Dj’s like Erol Alkan, Tiga, Boris Dlugosch or Malente. In 2008, after a couple of releases on Television Rocks Records and several productions for Maral Salmassi Zero Cash also joined the crew of Coco Machete Records from New York with his release “Push it”, “Goodies” (from the movie Surrogates) and some following singles & remixes.

Maral Salmassi


is one striking femme. She exudes talent and beauty, combined with a hint of masculinity, giving her a distinct edge in the music she creates and the way she styles herself. Founder of notable techno label, Konsequent Records in ‘97 feat. artists like Jay Denham, Cari Lekebush, The Advent or Claude Young and new media label, Art of Perception in ‘99, an exclusive limited Soundtrack series in co-operation with Games Workshop UK for the game Warhammer 40.000 by artists like Alter Ego, Jimmy Tenor, Mike Ink, Michael Meyer, Zombie Nation or Andrew Weatherall.

In 2006 Maral Salmassi and partner Fabian Stall started the Label Television Rocks, a platform for both artists solo projects and their friends AcidKids, Fukkk Offf, The Sneekers, The Sexinvaders or Tenderlions.

Marals release “Let’s Rock The Party” a collaboration with Hamburg based artists Fukkk Offf was a massive club hit climbed up to rank 2 of the Beatport charts.

Beginning of 2011 she teamed up with the Boys of the famous German Hip Hop Band „Deichkind“ under „Die Boys & Ein Girl“ to play rocking Oldschool / Nu School Hip Hop DJ shows.

Maral and Melissa Logan of „Chicks on Speed“ teamed up in Oktober 2011 as a DJ team under „Return of the Amazons“.



have been headlining the San Francisco party circuit with energetic performances that have quickly made them local favorites.

Johnny and Evan Tender use a blend of electronic muscle and live percussion and keys that can only fully be experienced dancing front and center during one of their live sets. Tenderlions have opend for the likes of The Prodigy, the Bloody Beetroots, Simian Mobile disco, The Presets, Kid Sister, Classixx, Steed Lord, Thunderheist, The Twelves and Steve Aoki.

Evan’s live programming and knob twiddling is an essential compenent that shapes their live performance, while John’s live drums give persona and a distinct quality that is clearly not smoke and mirrors, but a virtue of what a real band is all about. Their tracks come off as a thunderstorm after a sunny day.

Fukkk Offf


Consistently topping digital download charts and garnering the respect of his peersand fans alike, it seems that the nice guy of dance music doesn’t really live up to his aggressive moniker, until of course you hear the music.

Through various guises and even some (still) very top secret projects, there’s not a single club goer from Toulouse to Tanzania over the better part of 15 years that hasn’t experienced Bastian Heerhorst’s aka Fukkk Offf’s signature in your face four to the floor bassline.. and loved every minute of it.

Touring non stop for the last 3 years hasn’t meant any shortage of original releases and remix work, with hit after hit being put out on some of the most respected labels around the planet. From his New York based home label Coco Machete to boutique French electro label Citizen to the big guns at Universal, the demand for his unique impression has slowed down about as much as the demand for his energy filled live shows – it hasn’t.

You want names? How about reworking artists as diverse as the likes of Zombie Nation, Rammstein, Jan Delay, Cyberpunkers and even legendary icons like Amanda Lepore demanding his services when it comes making a great song into a timeless club anthem. With a second original LP in the works and no globe trotting break on the horizon, this citizen of the world and Hamburg native shows no signs of letting up. And why should he? When you’re steadily bringing something new and fresh to the easily stale and cliched universe of electronic music neither would you.



Nuno Rosa’s most recent Alter Ego is nothing less than the result of a lifetime promiscuity with music. He had no other choice, since he had a turntable right next to his cradle. The destiny was set, he just had to go with the flow…

When he was 10 and got a tape with “The Message” from Grandmaster Flash in it, things started to speed up. In no time he was collecting records and making mixtapes for his friends. Just adding styles to his love list, Punk, New Wave, Electro, Rap, Pop, Rock, Classic or Jazz were all part of the soundtrack of his teens.

The 90s and the second summer of love started with something new for him: DJing for the first time in a club! Shit, was that an incredible experience or what?! People dancing to your sound, what more do you want than that? The path, once again, was set. At daytime he was working at a record shop or on a indie label as promoter and at night he was spreading “the word” on the radio, promoting parties or DJing around the country and sometimes side by side with some of the big international names on the scene.
The end of the millennium brought a decisive upgrade in his career: he was invited to work as a resident DJ at LUX (Lisbon), one of the best clubs in the world.

Later in 2008 Nuno Rosa decided to roll the iron dice: GUNROSE is born as a result of a relationship between Techno, Electro and House. The drive is based in what he does best: hard red- lined four-on-the-floor bass kicks setting up the rhythm.

With this aesthetic in mind, he starts in 2010 the still existing DSIDE nights at LUX, inviting some of his heroes like Boys Noize, Erol Alkan, Les Petits Pilous, Gesaffelstein, Para One, Surkin, Brodinski, Djedjotronic, A-Trak and many others.

At the same year and giving use to all the analog gear he bought and experience that he collected through all these years, he brings out his first EP – Gregory Bag – and soon he reaches Boys Noize’s ears with some new demos…

Just recently in June 2012 Gunrose released the formidable EP named “Tears of Pleasure” hitting the digital stores on Boysnoize Records’ sublabel BNR Trax. Including the infamous club tune ‘Tears of Pleasure’ played by Boys Noize since a while. Besides the big support by the label boss himself this EP in general received impressive feedback by e. g. Mr. Oizo, Dave Clarke, Feadz, Erol Alkan naming a few.

Mr. Oizo: Technoparty !!! Love it
Les Petits Pilous: Nice Work ! Can’t wait to try it in the club . Great One big support
Dave Clarke: “Technoparty” = Good jacking stuff
Feadz: Technoparty is good to dance
Erol Alkan: Tears Of Pleasure is the one
Crookers: Can’t decide if I like more Tears Of Pleasure or Acid Waves, dope release

The Sneekers


are a Lithuanian electronic music duo, based in Vilnius/London, consisting of Evaldas Mikalauskas and Karolis Labanauskas. Evaldas is working as radio dj and he’s producing clips for radio and television commercials.Karolis is writing music for tv commercials, radio ads, producing music for additional artists and djs, soundtracks for visuals. Together they started dj’ing & producing in 2009 as The Sneekers.

Besides producing & dj’ing The Sneekers they perform live. Their Aerobic EP on Television Rocks Records already gained support from DJs like Kissy Sell Out (BBC Radio 1), Zombie Nation, Hey Today! & many others..

Latest tracks (“Modern Pleasure EP”, “Teddy EP”, “B.A.S.S./Closure EP”) and remixes threw their name even further with support, playing in radio shows, mixes putting on charts from acts like Digitalism, Alex Gopher, Etienne De Crecy, Herve, Boris Dlugosch, Fake Blood, Congorock, TWR72, Moonbootica, Shinichi Osawa, Paul Chambers, Ado, Kissy Sell Out, Les Petits Pilous, Don Rimini and many many more..

The Sexinvaders


2013 marks the seven-year anniversary of DJ pair David and Sonne aka The Sexinvaders, and with the launch of their “Sucks” EP at the end of July on Pink-Pong-Records, they yet again go one better.

Hipsters would most likely label the 3-Track-EP as “Future-Techno”. This release represents the next milestone after a series of great gigs, from playing in clubs in Paris to festival appearances such as the Off-Sonar in Barcelona, nothing was left out.

They regularly share the stage with Boys Noize, Gesaffelstein, Busy P and Co, and well-known acts like Mumbai Science, Jan Driver or the Bloody Beetroots spin their records.With the “Sucks” EP the two Berliners definitely succeeded in hitting the next level – watch out, here are The Sexinvaders!